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School Profile

Ramona Elementary is located in Bellflower, California and serves approximately 700 students and their families. Our mission is to maintain a positive school climate that encourages students to flourish socially, academically, and behaviorally. Students will be valued and engaged, empowering them to become productive citizens and lifelong scholars. Students that attend Ramona Elementary quickly realize that the staff expects nothing less from students than their best. At Ramona, we believe in teaching the whole child and frequently remind our students that they are scholars. Being a scholar means that they are more than a student that attends school, but are students that come to school daily, prepared, and eagerly engaged in their learning. We believe working together as a team (student, parent, and school) will help build a foundation for our scholars to be successful in the future.


Ramona Rams Logo

     Ramona Rams:  

      Respect others.

       Act responsibly.

       Make the best choices.

        Scholars: everyday, everyway.